Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Verbal Vinyasa

I've found that every now and then I have to dance on this page, and dance without steps or much direction.   If I spend all of my writing time in the construction of a story or working on a project, then it's like building up only the big muscles while letting the smaller, yet vital support muscles atrophy.  I try to use a journal, too, but I've noticed that using only a pen and paper to do stream of consciousness sets me free on paper when I've got writer's block, but then I have to transcribe whatever I wrote onto the computer and that takes something more precious and rare than a good massage:  TIME.  These day's I can't afford extra steps on anything, so I'm bellying back up to the blog bar this afternoon while my sweet angel naps upstairs for quite possibly only another 10 minutes.  So something I've been wanting to stream of consciousness about...unbelievable, she just woke up. Maybe I can play bad parent and plop her in front of a movie.  Those of you without kids shriek, "Not the television as babysitter!"   Those of you with kids sigh, "I hear ya."

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