Saturday, January 21, 2017

I spent 4 years doing extreme environmental activism. I worked round the clock doing everything from direct actions, writing appeals, monitoring local environmental concerns, reading and learning all of the double speak that is standard protocol in environmental assessments, impact statements and decision notices. I worked myself into burnout and depression. I've always had a problem with taking things to extremes and establishing boundaries. Anyway, after those four years, I crashed. I decided I'd made my contribution and left politics to those I considered more tempermentally balanced, to carry the torch. I convinced myself that I'd done more than my fair share and there were plenty of others out there that would be looking out for truth, equality, conservation, and justice. That it was somebody else's turn to look out for the world. Lately, I've been convinced of something else. I've been convinced that ALL of us need to be looking out for each other and the world. That we should all be involved somehow with the betterment of our world, even if we can only make small contributions. How many of us waste hours every week online, watching t.v., going to bars? I'm not saying we shouldn't do those things. One other thing that I believe is that we also MUST keep having fun. That's just as important as everything else we can do. But how about giving up two hours a week to find some way to contribute to your community? Two hours doing less comparitive online shopping/facebook chatter/television watching, and more helping in some way, any way. Just an idea. This world doesn't get better on it's own and even the smallest act can help. Pick up some trash, donate time, money or goods. Make someone genuinely smile. Do it and do it anonymously. So your contribution goes right into your heart and builds it up. I say do it anonymously, but I think it could be really cool to share your ideas and activities on facebook. Just some line like, "Bought dessert for a family who looked as though they were having troubles in a restaurant today." "Left balloons tied to the front door of a neighbors house today." "helped elderly neighbor rake leaves/carry groceries." "Smiled at someone at the grocery store today and they smiled back." "Wrote congressman/presidient/mayor." "organized soup kitchen/passed out food/volunteered in school, etc. etc." It could inspire us and remind us of our goals and give us ideas of things we can do. That's it. Donna steps of soap box.