Tuesday, November 15, 2016


        There are so many political science lessons in this one little video.
Seven days after the election and there are still way too many of us wasting our precious energy in despair or struggling with a rage that seems to be fed more flame every time we watch the news or log on Facebook. It's taken some effort to snap out of it. I think I'm probably still working my way out. As an environmentalist, as a woman, well, no need to state what's already been screamed ad nauseum.

     After a week of churning, I finally had a couple of positive thoughts about all this. Real ones. Not ones I'm trying to tell myself in the hopes that I one day believe them:  Maybe this is how we get "there." And maybe there's no way we can get "there" unless we go through "here." Maybe all of this has to happen for us to learn enough to transcend our negative human traits and truly move forward. Maybe this is where we learn to do away with that which does not truly serve the world and maybe the only way we can really get passed it is as a whole, and the only way we can move together as a whole is if the masks and the lies get yanked away for everyone. And we're almost there. A large reason Trump (goofy dance-I'll explain later) got elected is because people are tired of being lied to. They're tired of the B.S. of D.C.. We all are, whether we voted for Trump (Goofy Dance) or not. I think this actually shows progress. In Humanistic psychology, the tendency for human beings is towards self-actualization, wholeness...towards health.
     Right now the planet suffers from many ills, but in order to come to place where we can move forward, we have to come to a place where we are so utterly through with the past, we're willing to stretch out of our comfort zones for the future. I don't know what that looks like, but I kind of hope it's like Star Trek, where humanity sets its goal for the good of all and the goal changes from keeping an economic engine running, to seeking knowledge for knowledge's sake with respect for all life forms. Hey, it could happen. Either way, The Trump (goofy dance) years I think will definitely be learning experiences.
     What I've heard so far, I actually find encouraging. I've heard people talk about how this makes them realize how little they have contributed to shaping their communities, how little involved with shaping our world or our government, and how much they are inspired to get involved, not just in government but in many other ways that help our societies, through volunteering, donating time or money, staying better informed. If we can break these activities into our daily routines and if this happens on a national level, well, the discomfort we may go through over the next few years, may be worth it in the long run. And I fully expect some discomfort. When Trump (goofy dance) made an announcement recently asking people to please calm down, to not be afraid...did that remind anyone else of the martians in Mars Attacks shouting, "Don't run, we come in peace!" as they shot at people?
     Goofy Dance or Clearing the Kriyas
     So here's something else that's come to my attention: We're giving all of this too much energy, Him, it, them. Whatever. We need to diffuse it for our own sake and, in the event that you believe it's possible to give something energy, for gosh sake's let's stop giving him energy. or at least take the negative power out of it. I kind of picture him like that monster on Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest, the one that grows stronger from poison. I think he's slurping it up. I've also heard people calling him 'He who cannot be named.' But I think that doesn't really help either. No, what we need here is some laughter and light heartedness. So this is what I'm doing and if you'd like to join me, well, hell, let's make it a movement. Every time someone says the 'T' word follow it up with either a goofy dance, funny face or a couple of push ups. I'm not saying don't say his name, I'm just saying to wash that energy away by doing something goofy. By all means, say it. Trump. Trump. Trump! And the give yourself an irreverent little goofy dance. Got no hold on me!
To Recap: Calm down. Get involved, Play. Love to All.