Thursday, November 29, 2018

Praying For Climate Change Help aka Time to Roll Up Our Sleeves

Repost of a Facebook Conversation I believe in so strongly, I want it to last longer here: 

It is my belief that God expects us to also take action. Saying a prayer is easy, doing something shows real commitment. 

Too often, especially these days, I see Christians say, Well, I'm praying about it, and that's all they do.

It's an easy way to absolve themselves of responsibility and continue being selfish with their own time, money, etc. But I don't think God expects or wants us to say a prayer and then whistle on our way. There's work to do.

Expecting God to do what we're unwilling to do? I agree we pray, and have faith, but geez, God needs us to act as well. Ever hear the one about the guy on top of his house during a flood that prays for God to save him? Three times, God sends help, but the man expects God to show up himself and rescue him?

This is a big problem I have with our Christian community right now. There's not enough actual Christian action taking place. Christians pray but aren't willing to inconvenance themselves in other ways. 

Here's a possibility: What if the book of revelations wasn't God saying what he was going to do. What if he was trying to warn us of what we might do. What we are currently doing? 

Global Warming is about to cause the planet a whole lot of problems, but instead of taking responsibility or action, the Christians are sitting on top of their houses whilst the waters are rising. 

God isn't going to destroy the world. 

But it looks like we are. 

He's sending warnings left and right. Christians are saying, Have Faith and Pray. I agree, but also believe there must be action. 

(Photo by Davide Pietralunga on Unsplash)

Pray, have faith, and get to work. 

Our society is gluttonous and self-centered, at the expense of all other species and our future generations. Why would God help us save that system? 
We need to change.

This I do believe: If we make the sacrifices and do the hard work, I absolutely believe God will help us. If we just want to sit our fat haunches on a fluffy cushion and think we can just pray our way out of this. I think we've got another thing coming.